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Bionic 01

bionic 01 long range locator image

The metal detector Bionic 01 is a long range locator which is mainly be used to detect gold and silver. The device includes two individual searching systems:
- Bio-energy system (bionic mode)
- Ionization system (ionic mode)

The bio-energy system interacts with the bio energy of your own body during the localization of gold and silver objects to observe minimum changes of object substances. Thereby the device is able to locate almost all metallic objects whereas the ionization system is a method to measure the ions radiation (ions absorbance) . Therefore a metal-ion reaction chamber is integrated in the metal detector Bionic 01.

The Bionic 01 is an instrument to locate gold, silver and ores up to a distance of about 15 km. Penetration depths up to 20 mr quite possible.

The bio-energy system is able to locate also fresh buried or not buried objects no matter which age they are. The ionization system is mainly used to find buried artefacts.

For all low distance detection up to a maximum of 500 m the long range system gold detector Bionic alpha is recommended.



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