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Lorenz metal detecting systems are some of the most sensitive and stable metal detecting devices of their kind currently available and they are designed primarily for professional search and location purposes.
The LORENZ DEEPMAX X3 is the result of many years of research and development and is one of the newest developments in the field of Pulse GBS metal detectors.

The LORENZ DEEPMAX X3 is designed to be used with either small or large coils. With frame coils it is possible to detect very effectively over large areas to considerable depth. In addition small coils can be used when searching for small metal objects. By enlarging the search coil very high detection ranges can be achieved. Therefore search frames with up to 3m square are available.

The Pulse GBS (Pulse Ground Balancing System) is suitable for searching at depth and specially designed electronics cancel out signals from the ground. The LORENZ DEEPMAX X3 is therefore a reliable tool to locate metal objects even with extreme soil and environmental conditions. A new improved circuit design suppresses a range of interference from power lines or radio transmitters and a power pulse technique produces very accurate signals to obtain considerable detection depths.

The LORENZ DEEPMAX X3 works with two different ground cancel filters. It has an extended depth capability for non ferrous metal objects and it is capable of identifying metal objects employing the two different target identifications.

The Pulse Ground Balancing System GBS performs well because of the time delay between the transmitting and receiving phase. The high transmitting power is a fundamental advantage and makes operation with very large search coils possible. Because of its active working principle a high sensitivity range for both ferrous- and non- ferrous metal objects is achieved.
The LORENZ DEEPMAX X3 was developed to provide a number of features including high sensitivity and stability along with easy operation. Simple operation with a minimum of controls and a large display make the LORENZ DEEPMAX X3 a user friendly electronics device.

It only takes a few moments to set the electronics to the prevailing ground conditions. Basalt soil and bricks present no problems. The selection of the ground filters one, two or three, in conjunction with the adjustment of the corresponding controls Ground one and Ground two, virtually cancels out unwanted signals. Even though the ground signal could be a few hundred or thousand times stronger than the signal of a small metal object, the LORENZ DEEPMAX X3 in-built technic accommodates this and only produces a signal when metal is present. This is a considerable plus over many other systems and the small reduction in sensitivity is of little practical significance.

The time delay function gives additional information on the probable kind of metal located. The time delay of the eddy currents, produced in conducting metal objects, is measured and indicated with a number between zero and ninety nine. Three different ranges of metal objects can be indicated namely: small non ferrous, ferrous and large non ferrous metal objects.
When an induction balanced double D coil is fitted, the LORENZ DEEPMAX X3 offers a sophisticated and refined ferrous / non- ferrous target analysis on difficult soils and the results are displayed using two different icons. Both the intensity bar graph and the audio signal increase as the search coil comes nearer to a metal object.

The LORENZ DEEPMAX X3 is made for use worldwide and a wide range of accessories are available to meet customer detection needs.
To suit different search and location purposes a variety of search coils can be connected to the LORENZ DEEPMAX X3.
Small search coils ranging from 26 to 45cm are held by a single person with a telescopic pole. Frame coils range from 1m square to 3m square and can be made of cable coils and plastic pipes or are readily available from the manufacturer of the LORENZ DEEPMAX X3.
Very simple search frames can be made of inexpensive plastic water pipes for example. The frame must be metal free and the cable coil should be mounted on the surface of the frame.

The LORENZ DEEPMAX X3 has a good range of functions and can therefore be used for many search and location purposes. The DVD along with the booklet and the suggested practical exercises help the operator make the most of the detector in the field. Any organization that requires accurate detection and location information will benefit from the performance of the LORENZ DEEPMAX X3 when combined with optional GPS and data collection systems. Extensive multi channel data collection can be made with data collection techniques readily available from various manufacturers. Optional multi sensor detection with GPS and software is possible with several DEEPMAX X3 detectors working at the same time like a scanner. The multi sensor trigger unit makes sure that every detector and search coil works the same way with no interference generated by nearby search coils. With suitable soft- and hardware colour maps can be generated for example. Lorenz Detecting Systems provide tailor-made detection equipment and various accessories to meet customer needs e.g. detection of unexploded ordnance, meteorites, lost aircraft, underwater or underground search applications.
The DEEPMAX metal detectors combine modern technological developments with a high quality product for professional metal detecting equipment.
We, as a design and manufacturing company, strive to maintain the highest standards for our products and, therefore, alterations of the design, specifications as well as the availability are subject to change without notice.

Data Logger
To generate colour, image, surface or contour maps with the Lorenz Deepmax X3, additional Hard- and Software is necessary. A very sophisticated data logger function of the Deepmax X3 metal detector together with an SD- Memory-Card 6 channel data logger will take simultaneously six channels of data when you go over the ground and stores the information into memory when this function is selected. After collecting field data the Surfer 8 Software easily and accurately transforms the data stored on the SD-Memory card into colour, contour, surface, image or vector maps on a computer in minutes.

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