10 Best Gold Detectors of 2021

10 Best Diamond Detectors of 2021

10 Best Gold Detectors of 2021

10 Best Diamond Detectors of 2021

Do you hunt for diamonds underground with a metal detector and still wonder about your failed attempt? It’s a metal detector, so it won’t disappoint you to locate a metal.No more struggles and disappointments for detecting diamonds hidden deep in the ground. You need the best diamond detector with specialized features to detect the diamonds buried in the ground.

Metal detectors are designed to bring you the best signals for the metals or the objects that contain metal. However, minerals in soil kill metal detectors’ productivity and disappoint you when searching for minerals and gemstones like diamonds.If you seek to reach deep down in the ground for the diamonds, it is better to take the best diamond detector as the first option. Let’s find out what helps a diamond detector to stand out from the other detectors.

Diamond detectors with high-frequency sensory systems and a substantial scanning range help you detect precious stones and diamonds. Diamond detectors with the integration of technology rarely miss any signals emitted by diamonds and gemstones.If choosing the best diamond detector is a doozy task for you, then do not miss this read. You’ll learn about the best diamond detectors and their features that give them the edge over the other detectors in the industry.

Let’s unfold the list of Best Diamond Detectors of 2021.

1. Mega Diamond Locator

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The Mega Diamond Locator is the first on the list due to its advanced features. The exclusive design with high-sensitivity technology eliminates the factor of distance to detect the diamonds in the ground.

The Mega Diamond Locator is one of the best diamond detectors globally due to its high-quality and vast programming system. The device provides you with ten programs to provide a premium experience to detect all types of precious stones and diamonds.

The easy-to-use device operates with a sensor system ranging up to 2500m with a detection depth of up to 60m.

2. Titan Gear 1000

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The Titan Gear 1000 is another on the list with five different search systems. The device is equipped with different programs to provide you with the utmost advantage of detecting gold and precious stones like diamonds at the same time.

The explorers rely on the Titan Gear 1000 for its modern technology that helps locate the underground treasure. The device with high-frequency can reach a depth of around 45m in the ground. The Titan Gear 1000 scanning range of 2500m is one of the essential features and wins its place in the world’s list of best diamond detectors.

3. Phoenix

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When it is about the device with extensive features that a treasure hunter could not miss to avoid, the only name that emerges in our mind is – Phoenix.

Phoenix is a multi-purpose detector. The device aids you in locating the gold and diamonds with high-quality sensor systems. The Phoenix boosts your detecting diamond experience with its advanced program that allows you to adjust the setting as per your need.

It is one of the best diamond detectors in the world due to its efficiency against soil mineralization and does not end up sending false alerts. The giant search coils with perfect configuration penetrate the ground up to 40m, and a wide scanning range guarantees faster and accurate detection of the diamond.

4. Rover C4

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Rover C4 is the latest generation of metal detectors and 3D ground scanning devices. Rover C4 with the imaging system is an ideal choice for the one seeking help in locating diamonds and metals simultaneously.

The device is supported by German technology and uses special measurement sensors for the detailed geospatial survey of the ground. The Rover C4 covers a significant depth of up to 25m.

The Visualizer 3D stereo analysis program provides detailed survey data about the search area and the possible locations of the target. Different color options make it more convenient to find out what is buried underground. For example, the red color denotes the metal and the blue color for the space.

5. Fusion Professional

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The Fusion Professional is backed up by a prestigious German company OKM. The Fusion professional specializes in three-dimensional measurements to improve ground scanning.

The imaging technology provides you with a clear vision of the target deep buried in the ground. The electronic sensor is the distinctive feature of the device. It enables the Fusion Professional to reach a depth of up to 18m.

The search coil-like SRIS remains effective in locating the objects at a small depth. The Fusion Professional is ideal for treasure hunters who don’t overlook the short distance while hunting for diamonds.

6. GER Detect Diamond Hunter

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The GER Detect Diamond Hunter is a perfect design to aid professional diamond hunters. It is hard for diamonds and gemstones to ditch the device powered by advanced technology.

The GER Detect Diamond Hunter supports your treasure hunting with four search systems. The device is one of the best diamond detectors in the world due to accurate results. The vast scanning range of up to 2500m determines the exact location of the diamond and gemstones.

The depth detection around 35m with the exclusive sensory systems provides you with the premium treasure hunting experience.

7. Gold Hunter

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Let’s not forget the role of the search coil that generates the electromagnetic field to detect the hidden diamonds underground.

Gold Hunter serves as the best diamond detector due to powered search coils with waterproof technology. The high-accuracy and first-class scanning detector raise the bar for the other detectors in the industry. The ultimate combination of configuration and frequency brings you the maximum pleasure of exploring the diamonds in the ground.

The excellent scanning range with a deep detection power of up to 35m makes treasure hunting an adventure for you.

8. Mega Gold

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What comes to mind with ‘Mega’? Big ideas and great power.

So, the Mega Gold is an ideal example of a big idea and great power. The device makes its way to the list of the best diamond detector with innovative technology, the Laser Locating System.

The laser system speeds up the detection from a long distance and provides you with a direct vision of the diamonds and gemstones. The device covering 2000m distance and 30m depth allows you to access the correct location of diamonds and other precious stones.

9. Gold Legend

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Gold Legend is a gold detector with improved technology. The pre-programmed frequency and up-to-date search system that allows adjusting the settings as required make Gold Legend the best diamond detector in the world.

Gold Legend offers a simple program and five search systems to enhance the treasure hunting experience. The exclusive design with deep detection of around 40m and economical price makes it the best choice for the professionals.

10. GER Detect Titan 500 Diamond

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Titans are here to please you with unique features designed for gemstones!

The GER Detect Titan 500 diamond device operates effectively with three search systems. The detector is a fully digital system paired with the latest technology to reach deep in the ground.

GER Detect Titan 500 diamond guarantees the accurate location of the diamonds due to the capacity to scan the area of up to 3000m and 65m of depth.

All these detectors have different features that make them the best diamond detectors of 2021. Do you agree or have any other diamond detector to add to the list of 2021?


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