How to buy a gold detector from the international company Golden Detector?

You can browse the Golden Detector online store and select the appropriate device for your goals after knowing the characteristics of each system. You can contact us and ask for assistance in choosing the appropriate device. Engineers specialized in the field of gold and mineral exploration and exploration will explain the systems of each device and its objectives and clarify its depths.

You can order by communicating with us via the company’s WhatsApp and specifying the name of the device. You can pay by bank transfer to the official account of the company and send a copy of the transfer. An invoice will be sent from our company in the name of the device, the serial number of the device and the amount paid. You can pay upon receipt if we have a representative in Your company can pay upon receipt

Our company provides shipping service to all countries within a period of 5 to 10 days as a maximum after completing the payment process. to follow

How to choose the right gold detector?

The systems and depth of each device differ from the other, so if you want to select the appropriate device for your research goals, determine your goals in the search
Either searching for “raw gold, detecting gold and precious metals, detecting buried treasures, or detecting voids, caves, ancient coins, and others.”
Or you can use the sales team of our company and all the information about the devices will be clarified that will enable you to determine the best device you are looking for to be suitable
“For the required depth – soil type – search system” through a team specialized in determining the system and method of each device’s work and prospecting and detecting gold and minerals in the international company Golden Detector

The types of gold detectors differ according to the search system found in each device, because each system specializes in specific search objectives and there are many and many devices that have proven their efficiency in detecting and prospecting for precious targets, and the most famous of these devices is the Infinity Max Pro device from the German German Mega Detection factory

It works on 12 systems to detect treasures, gold, minerals and underground caves to a depth of 45 meters
Which facilitates the search process for the user and get the goals easily

Where it photographs all layers of the earth and shows the results of imaging from three different directions on the device screen to clarify the target in the ground from the side, from the bottom and from the top