Fusion 3D,Fusion 3D
Fusion 3D
Device Name Fusion 3D
Brand Okm
Research System Imaging
Underground search Depth 18 M
Warranty 3 years
Made in Germany

Fusion 3D

okm fusion 3d metal detector
the latest gold detectors in the world.
fusion 3d okm comes with two different versions:
okm fusion professional 
okm fusion professional plus 
both versions are shared in the following files:
1. wireless data transfer.
2-view data with visualizer 3d software
3-a laptop computer with a direct and 3d imaging system.
4-bluetooth headphones.
5. new sris search coil for small metal targets.
6-bag carry machine well for water resistance and shock.

fusion 3d okm comes in two versions:
okm fusion professional version
- very suitable for beginners easy and simple to use for exploration enthusiasts.
- used only in a vertical direction and supports the following operating modes:
* ground scan: by scanning the ground with the 3d imaging system and displaying detailed graphics on the computer screen.
* live sound: through magnetic scanning of the earth and processing of the magnetic field of sound to detect metal and metal.
okm fusion professional plus
- ideal for professionals and international missions to explore the ruins and discover more secrets of ancient civilizations and who need more operating features.
- can be used in both the vertical and horizontal directions and supports the following modes:
* ground scan: through a graphical survey of the ground and processing images and drawings and detailed analysis on the computer screen.
*live sound: processing the magnetic field of sound to detect metal using the audio system by issuing a distinctive ringing sound.
* live scan (multi-sensor, ultrasound): it is the images are taken and accelerated immediately and quickly while walking in a few seconds.
the new sris search coil
the new sris coil engine has been added to the device and is one of the most important features of the device through which small metals and small gold grams such as ornaments, bracelets, rings, coins, small pins.
this disc can be individually activated by the user while setting the playback modes for direct sound, ground scanning and direct scan (ultrasound).
* the sris coil is useful for setting point targets during research. it is easy to detect the general locations of the objects buried with our okm fusion 3d, but when you start drilling it may be difficult to match the correct points of the small objects buried with the sris active disc. small whatever its size.
visualization 3d software
while scanning an unknown area and recording measurement values, visualizer 3d immediately analyzes this information to display a three-dimensional color-coded graphic of hidden objects and structures. you will then see all the treasures of the buried earth, golden objects, antiques and other objects hidden before the excavation. you can determine the size, position, and depth of objects you wish to detect, so you know where to dig?! how deep is the drilling? to find objects.
1- A laptop computer with a 3D Imaging System.
2- Bluetooth Headphones.
3- New SRIS Search Coil For Small Metal Targets.
4- A well-equipped bag for water resistance and shock.  
5- Data visualization with Visualizer 3D software.
6- Certified German Detection Technology.
7- Wireless data transfer.
8- Compliance with CE policies 
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