Okm Fusion professional

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Okm Fusion professional

8,500 دولار أمريكي

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8,500 دولار أمريكي

OKM Fusion Professional Metal Detector, Metal Detector, and 3D Ground Scanner, Underground Treasure Metal Detector Device, 3D Digital Metal Finder


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Targets: The EASY WAY 3D metal Detector is capable of reaching depths up to 18 meters underground in all types of soil



  • Details

    Okm Fusion professional

    OKM German Detectors has introduced the latest 3D ground scanner with color display, developed multi-sensor technology, and invented telescopic and adaptable measuring probes.

    OKM Fusion Professional Metal Detector, Metal Detector, and 3D Ground Scanner, Underground Treasure Metal Detector Device, 3D Digital Metal Finder

    OKM Detectors from Germany always go one step further to provide great detection technology, developing and manufacturing innovative and high-performing geophysical instruments.

  • Device Features

    Fusion is the latest and most sophisticated and re-manufactured version

    Fusion is designed in two versions, a simple and easy-to-use version for anyone who wants to learn and enter the world of mineral exploration,

    And also the other more advanced version for geologists and global archeology delegation to help them to uncover the secrets of the underground buried treasures, caves, and the relics of ancient civilizations.

    The underground search depth of this device reaches up to 18 meters.

    Available languages:

    Arabic – English – German – Persian – French – Turkish – Spanish – Russian – Chinese – Japanese

    Running the OKM FUSION metal detector:

    The OKM Fusion Professional version is suitable for beginners and prospectors with small budgets, and the OKM Fusion Professional Plus is ideal for professional applicants in the field of gold who needs more operating features.
    OKM Fusion Professional is used only in the vertical direction and supports the following operating modes:
    Ground scan: Measures the 3D graphics for detailed analysis on a computer screen.
    Direct sound offers sound magnetic field analysis to detect precious metals.
    OKM Fusion Professional Plus can be used in both vertical and horizontal directions and supports the following modes:
    Ground scan: Performs standard 3D graphics for detailed analysis and display on a computer screen.
    Direct Sound: Magnetic field processing for ferrous metal detection using the audio system.
    Direct imaging scan: (multi-sensor, ultrasound) Direct image is processed immediately while walking in the scanning area.

    Using the SRIS search disk to identify small and micro metals:

    One of the most important features of the new detection is the SRIS search disk, which can search for small metals such as jewelry, rings, bracelets, and necklaces.
    This disc can be activated individually by the user while setting the playback modes direct sound, ground scan, and direct scan (ultrasound).
    the SRIS Disk benefit is showed clearly when you set point targets during the search, it is easy to find the public locations of the buried objects with our 3D FUSION OKM device, but when you start to drill so you could Extract them out of the ground, it may be very difficult to match the correct points of the hidden objects afterward by checking the excavated material.
    But With SRIS, you will not miss any small object, no matter what its sizes, such as chains, rings, ornaments, bracelets, necklaces, coins, and small pins.

    The Visualiza 3D program for finding underground treasures:

    While scanning an unknown area and recording measurement values, Visualizer 3D immediately analyzes this information to display a color-coded 3D graphic of hidden objects and structures. Thus you will literally “see” all buried treasures, golden objects, antiques, and any other objects hidden before excavation.
    In addition, you can specify the size, position, and depth of objects that have been detected. So you know where to dig and how deep to drill so you could find the important objects.
    When purchasing the FUSION OKM metal detector, you not only buying the device, but you also get full benefits from our outstanding Exceptional customer service, as well as the OKM scanning German technology which is proven and tested and enhanced by more than 20 years of experience in metal detection.

    Device specifications:

    FUSION is available in two different models:
    OKM Fusion Professional
    OKM Fusion Professional Plus
    Both models share the following features:
    Bluetooth earphones.
    Wireless data transfer.
    Tablet PC (laptop) which is equipped with direct and 3D imaging systems.
    The Visualiza 3D software for data displaying
    The new SRIS search disk for the small metal targets.
    Well-equipped bag with resistance to water and shocks.

  • Device program Functions

    OPERATION MODE: The Professional version is perfect for beginners or small budgets, while the Professional Plus version is ideal for advanced users who need more operational features
    DISTANCE: The distance detection capacity is 10 meters; Stop searching with regular metal detectors – start searching with OKM Fusion Professional metal detector and ground scanner can be used by treasure hunters, gold diggers, and archaeologists
    3D SCANNER: While scanning an unknown area and recording measurement values, the Visualizer 3D software can immediately analyze and visualize this information to display a color-coded 3D graphic of hidden objects and structures

1- Tablet computer (laptop).

2- The new SRIS search coil for small metal targets.

3- The carrying case is well equipped to resist water and shocks.

4- Bluetooth headphones.

5- The visualizer program to display data on it in a three-dimensional way.

6- Search stick.


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