Why Our Dtectors

Why our products

Our company offers for all customers with the best systems and flood services internationally accredited and internationally for many of the biggest factories and global used By the largest international exploration and exploration missions and local archaeological treasures, gold, metals and Antiquities underlying spending and tunnels and caves and underground water and artesian wells The Directors will select the best international systems manufactured in the largest advanced manufacturing centers and subjected to many scientific experiments in our research centers can provide a field and real scientific experiment on all devices and practical training is easy and convenient to use Developed our organs at the hands of skilled and efficient experiences of German and American, French and Russian professional of the best engineers and geologists cyber professionalism and high accuracy and manufactured from the best e paintings of high quality in the world to achieve accurate results without any error ratio
We provide our customers with all sizes of specialized services for prospecting and exploration to ensure privacy and confidentiality in Mgamratkm and Acetkchavatkm Provide customers with high-resolution touch devices on digital digital system fast performance in sending and receiving signals Provide customers with devices globally and internationally accredited by the biggest factories and works on the basis of electronic automatic wrong Provide customers with devices operating in all territories rocky terrain and in all weather conditions and in extremely hot and extremely cold and high humidity Provide customers with devices operating large for hours up to 70 hours of continuous work in most setups Provide customers with devices determine the depths very precisely and professionally high Provide customers with warranties on all products up to 5 years We provide our customers with advanced capabilities devices to penetrate all kinds of rocks and basaltic volcanic rocks and land hard Provide customers with hardware-based systems for automatic adjustment exceeds all the wrong signals and helps the user to work with ease and generosity

technical specifications in our machines

All devices operate on a digital electronic system (Digital) is very sophisticated and easy to use user relaxes at work All devices sizes acceptable and easy to carry and use, including small, which carries with ease and comfortable mobility All internal and external hardware components is one of the best electronic products in the world Do not deal machining few electronic age and slow results and that moisture and soil hardness may be affected
Our motto experience in the field before the purchase on the ground and out of the show We are not the only ones, but we always privileged and better through our distinctive with the best and latest types of products in the world With regards to the management and engineers Group of Companies Golden Detector We seek to provide you the best in your hands because you have the best Golden Detector Group, thanks for your visit The first company in the Middle East Sale and trade of scientific systems and devices geological prospecting and detection Management and public company Golden Detector