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Garrett Axiom latest gold detectors 2022

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Garrett axiom gold detector


After a long wait, the latest gold detector in the world, the Garrett Axiom device, is a raw gold detector from the American Garrett Factory
The best device in the world, which won first place in the experiments before being put on the market thanks to its high sensitivity to discovering the most accurate and smallest granules of natural raw gold underground.
The Garrett Axiom device works with the audio system for detecting raw gold and minerals and the most accurate pieces of raw gold and minerals in the ground.
Where audio devices can pick up a signal for very small pieces of gold starting from a weight of 1 gram, and some of the audio devices can detect ancient coins and buried treasures. Based on the many and repeated successes achieved by the American Garrett devices in the field of gold and metal detection with the audio system

The Garrett Axiom – Garrett Axiom device is distinguished by its combination of modern design, outstanding performance, and access to greater depths during the detection of gold, minerals, and all search targets, in addition to the speed of rapid target retrieval, thanks to the continuous work of the American Garrett factory on the development of gold detectors
and minerals and reach the best result to get your goals accurately
The Garrett Axiom is designed to suit all the needs of prospectors and treasure hunters.
The Garrett axiom device can detect all kinds of different metals from ferrous or non-ferrous metals and discover buried objects of different sizes in all types of soil and terrain
The device operates on a specific search frequency among a group of frequencies in order to be able to search for a specific type or size of specific metal and not others and isolate the rest of the metals

Or you can choose one of the search modes available in the device with multiple simultaneous frequencies at one time in order to cover all targets and sizes at the same time to achieve the best performance and shorten the time required to detect different targets

Uses of the Garrett axiom device – Garrett axiom

Searching for ancient or modern coins of “silver – gold – bronze.”
Detecting small metal pieces such as “jewelry – jewelry – rings – bracelets and others.”
Detection of ferrous metals such as iron and magnetic metals
Detection of non-ferrous metals such as silver – platinum, and others

The researcher can choose one of the search modes for gold and minerals, depending on the size of the targets and the type of terrain
Modern and practical design
The Garrett Axiom device has been designed based on modern design guidelines to facilitate handling and ease of carrying the device while it is being used in the field of research.
The Garrett company has worked on designing the Garrett Axiom device with high-quality military specifications so that the device can overcome all harsh climatic and environmental conditions such as saltwater, mineral lands, hard and rocky lands.
The device is equipped with a very accurate and high sensitivity system to detect both small gold nuggets and pieces
big gold
It is characterized by the property of balancing the soil in a correct way and works on the sound system and light indicators, and it detects all precious and non-precious metals
It has a unique feature designed only to make it easier for prospectors during the search process, which is to detect all metal targets simultaneously with different tones without the need to conduct the isolation process and change the search system
The design of the device control panel includes simple and effective controls for the most frequently used settings and features with easy access menu adjustments for other options

Device software functions:

  • Detecting coins
  • Detect raw gold and the most accurate small gold pieces
  • Detecting magnetic and ferrous metals
  • Detection of silver and bronze
  • Uncovering buried golden treasures
  • Detection in difficult and harsh climatic conditions

Garrett Axiom Parts and Contents

  • The main machine processing unit
  • headphones
  • Certificate of guarantee
  • User’s Manual
  • home charger
  • car charger
  • Device Catalog
  • DVD training disc

Garrett metal detectors provide a complete range of metal detecting equipment for all experience and budget levels. From starter models to advanced models for serious treasure hunters Garrett offers something for all.

Since their foundation in 1964 Garret has been a market leader in metal detection. The Garrett range has a wide selection of specialized detectors, allowing you to move to a more advanced detector as your skills progress.

We stock a complete range of Garrett metal detectors including the ever-popular Garret Ace range and the advanced AT range.

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